About the Beaute


Barbell BeauteCarol Ann is the Beaute behind the Barbell Beaute Blog.

Over 50-year old fitness enthusiast who is also in the retail cosmetics industry.

Personal and lifestyle blog about all things beauty and beast mode.


A CrossFit athlete for about 4 years then switched to a strength and conditioning gym for a little change of pace. When my membership is up, I’ll be working out only in my garage gym. No offense to any of the gyms I’ve been a member of, I’ve enjoyed them both and learned a ton.

Festivus GamesCrossFit Level 1 certified – took the class and passed the test.

I’ve traveled and visited several Crossfit boxes; Georgia, Maine, Nevada, Ohio and a few here in Alabama.

Competed in Festivus Games at Sand Mountain CrossFit.

Competed in the CrossFit Open 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

I credit CrossFit for helping me to stop smoking and getting off all medication for thyroid, insulin resistance, and cholesterol; doctor approved of course.

The name of my garage gym is Back Alley WOD, that’s right, I named it.

What do I have in my garage gym you ask?

A squat rack, barbell, 145# in bumper plates, 20″ box for jumping, wallball, jump rope, 35# kettlebell, 25# dumbbell, 35# dumbbell

I would like to add more weight in bumper plates, get a few more dumbbells and kettlebells, get a large tire to flip around, and a rower.

Paid member of Street Parking where I get all the good programming and online community support.

Met Matt Fraser and Rich Froning.


And I’m a Beauty stylist for Dior Makeup at Dillards Department Store but used to sell BMWs.