I’m Still Here

I’m still here, just hanging around my Instagram account. Does anyone blog anymore? Like old-school blogging? I’m not talking about trying to advertise yourself via your blog but just some good old fashioned writing? No?

I didn’t think so. Nowadays it’s all about advertising and crap. That’s not for me. I’ll try to continue to blog but really, everyone is hanging around other quick social media platforms. No one wants to read a blog anymore.

At any rate, you can find me at Barbell Beaute Instagram.

I might try to start blogging again at Carol ReMarks – actual writing and opinionating on life, pop culture, news and the like. I miss that kind of blogging.

Carol Ann, the Barbell Beaute and a 50+-year-old fitness enthusiast who works in the retail cosmetics industry. This is a personal and lifestyle blog about all things beauty and beast mode.

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