garage gym crossfit

Garage Gym Crossfit

So, I have a garage gym. I am also a member of a non-Crossfit gym. And, I have a Crossfit Level 1 certification. Now, I haven’t thought about how I will use my certification and I mainly got it for self-knowledge. But, I would like to continue Crossfit movements in my garage, hence the title of this blog post being Garage Gym Crossfit.

Garage Gym Crossfit

How to balance a garage gym Crossfit WOD while still being a paid member of a different type of gym? Yes, rest days are important. Yes, I take rest days. But I also want to keep doing Crossfit movements, just to stay somewhat flexible in the certain movements.

I’ve had to definitely drop the weight significantly while performing the movements. And I am going to have to be fine with that for now. I know I will get back to where I was someday.

It seems like I just don’t have the time to do it right now. I will have to figure something out, even if it means picking two days a month to give those movements a try. And yes, that means giving up a rest day on the weekend. Again, I think I’ll be fine as long as I keep the weight very light and not be too intense about it.

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