athia skincare warrior ambassador

Athia Skincare Warrior Ambassador

I’ve signed up to be an ambassador for Athia Skincare. They reached out to me on Instagram with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Of course, I wanted to try the products for a little while first, and I did, and I like them.

Athia Skincare Warrior Ambassador

Affordable and quality ingredients is what makes this skincare system so awesome. Plus, I found out that Brooke Ence has partnered with them. Hello!

The Athia emblem is a shield – a symbol of protective power. All women are warriors in their own way, Athia aspires to provide you with an unmatched level of protection for your skin as you battle the elements each day.

Whether you’re getting after it in the gym, breaking a sweat outside, kicking butt and taking names at work, or simply heading from one challenge to the next, let Ahthia arm you and your skin with the essential, specially formulated care to take it all on.

I get 33% off for life and my followers will receive 15% off.

So go to my referral link ATHIA SKINCARE and use this discount code: Beaute15

Athia Skincare Warrior Ambassador

Carol Ann, the Barbell Beaute and a 50+-year-old fitness enthusiast who works in the retail cosmetics industry. This is a personal and lifestyle blog about all things beauty and beast mode.

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